Conjurer Andy's Repeatable Dungeon is a peculiar adventure game, where you, the hero will journey into the depths of a repeating dungeon to collect loot, defeat unusual creatures like the Jelly Cube, Pizza Golem and recruit unlikely heroes such as the Mathemagician to aid you in going the deepest into the dungeon.

C.A.R.D is a card-based Roguelike with fast paced, easy to learn gameplay featuring an ensemble cast of quirky and humorous heroes to join your questing adventures deep into Andy’s dungeon.


With push your luck mechanics, the real question is…How much loot can you bring back without perishing!



* 80 unique characters to recruit and upgrade

* Over 50 enemies to encounter

* Simple 1 touch dungeon battling gameplay

* 18 total Armor sets and weapons to unlock giving you greater abilities

* Randomly generated rooms with enemies, treasure and more!


One Afternoon, Many Moons ago a few creative developers sitting at Firebrand Games decided it was time to make their own game. Having the majority of their games come from other licensed properties, these noble few set out to design a fun, accessible, and repeatable game, that would combine parody fantasy with simple gameplay and mechanics that could be enjoyed on-the-fly. 

The whiteboard began to fill with ideas and brainstorms...These mighty few developers then had an epiphany! This title could be prototyped in table-top form first! And so leaving their keyboards and mice behind, they grabbed scissors, printer paper and a calculator. Days went by, and the time finally came to give it a play-test with the CEO of Firebrand Games. They sat around together, and rolled dice, drew paper character cards, and dove into the endless dungeon. The idea was fun, laughs were had, and the mighty "Green Light" was bestowed upon them to begin making this into a video game. It was then, that
Conjurer Andy's Repeatable Dungeon was born!

Initially starting out as a f2p mobile game, the studio ran into some troubles that prevented the title from being shipped, and so the game went quiet for a long time. C.A.R.D was a passion project however, and that passion didn't die out for some, and with a little ingenuity and some tweaking to mechanics, the proud few developers converted the game into a lightweight premium title and have now found it's home on the Nintendo Switch. 

We hope you have fun with our little game. We had fun making it. It's repetitive, we know this, and that's OK for us. We'd love to see you sink some hours into it and help us expand it further some day! Conjurer Andy and the developers at Firebrand Games that made this thank you for checking out our game!



Frequently Asked Questions For New Adventurers Into Andy's Repeatable Dungeon:

How Deep is the Dungeon? 
It is deep! Endless even potentially. How far into the dungeon can you make it?

I want to challenge my friends to see how far we can get in the dungeon, is this possible?
Why YES! If you have any Nintendo Friends, and they've played CARD, you'll see them show up in the dungeon room outline right before you start a new run of your own! If you stumble upon them in a room, there may even be extra rewards for you!


How do I get new characters to join me during a dungeon run?

To recruit the best of the best, you'll need to save up your coins and buy Card Packs, which'll unlock a host of new characters for you! There are even specific packs to help you hone your team that cycle in and out of the store!


The weapons and armors are great, but which one should I choose?

Every weapon and armor piece provides different buffs for the player (see the help menu icon for icon descriptions). The great thing about these buffs is that they work all the time as long as you are wearing that item! So there’s a couple of ways you pick:
1) Pick what looks cool to you and don’t worry about the rest. You’ll still get a great buff, and you’ll look awesome.
2) Strategize – What kinds of card types do you bring in frequently? Select an armor and weapon piece that’ll compliment that. For example if you like defensive play, the Errant armor, and Thunder sword may be a good combination.
Just like the cards, don’t be afraid to try out combinations. For some serious perks, purchasing a premium armor or weapon via Dragon’s Teeth currency will give you some great buffs.

I’m feeling stuck at the same spots in a dungeon run. How do I get further in?

Never fear, there’s quite a few ways to push further in a dungeon run! Your player level matters a lot. With each level gained you’ll have more health and more attack power, so naturally the more levels you gain, the further you’re going to get!
The next best way to get further, is to experiment with card combinations. You may find a pairing work well together. Card rarities also matter as the more rare the card, the more powerful it will be.
Also, don’t forget to upgrade your cards. Every card can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times to create a level 5 card in the inventory menu. With each of these methods, you’ll find yourself going quite far in the dungeon runs.


There are so many characters I can bring into a dungeon with me, how, or who do I choose?

Experimenting with combinations is part of the fun, so don’t be afraid to make up your own combos! There are a few easy combinations though to help you get started. Within your Inventory (the Purple Chest on the Main Menu), tap the “Type” sort button. From here you can select cards from different disciplines. Some recommendations from us:

  • Well rounded – Pick a fighter, magic user, and healer/healing card.

  • Aggressive – Pick your strongest fighters, archers, or magic users

  • Defensive – Bring a potion, cleric, and magic item that will help buff you.