Race Driver™: Create & Race™
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Published by Codemasters in October 2007

Winner of the IGN Award for Best Racing/Driving Game on DS in 2007, Race Driver: Create and Race was Firebrand Games’ first opportunity to prove that serious racing action was possible on the DS without sacrificing either detail or speed.

Race Driver: Create & Race (RDCaR) is a unique game that combines an action-packed 3D racing game, featuring 45 real world circuits and 24 licensed cars, with a Track Designer utility that lets people design their own circuits and then race them against friends or online.

Built using the second evolution of our Octane engine, RDCaR runs solidly at 60 frames per second, and includes some of the most advanced 3D graphics seen in a racing title on Nintendo DS to date. The game also features complex physics and car handling simulations that have been tuned to work well with the DS digital Control Pad. It offers easy pick and play arcade racing for newcomers whilst still including the depth of simulation commonly associated with Race Driver games running on more powerful hardware.

As well as a long lasting single player mode, the game includes wireless multiplayer-with single and multi-card game modes and online racing via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players can race friends, rivals and strangers online, and can take their user-designed circuits online too.

If you buy racing games for longevity, innovation and the old-fashioned thrill of besting human opponents, Race Driver's DS debut comes highly recommended. 8/10


Codemasters and Firebrand Games have created something special on the dual-screen handheld, producing a racer that occasionally makes you question, "This is the DS?" 8.2/10


The first hardcore simulation racer for the DS is also one of the best racing games made for any platform. 8.4/10


This surpasses expectations. It looks great, has fantastic online features and the course editor is brilliant. 83%

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