Race Driver GRID™
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Published by Codemasters in August 2008

Winner of the IGN Award for Best Racing/Driving Game on DS in 2008, Race Driver GRID is both the spiritual sequel to the award winning game Create and Race, and the latest product in the Race Driver Series. The game combines an action-packed 3D racing game, featuring over 20 circuits from around the world and over 25 amazing race cars, with a Track Designer utility that lets people design their own circuits and then race them and share them with friends wirelessly or online.

Featuring varied racing from three continents, in this game you will be racing muscle cars over the famous hills of San Francisco in one moment, then drifting around the streets of downtown Tokyo the next.

The Track Designer has been expanded and enhanced from Create and Race and now features the ability to raise and lower sections of track, add lighting and design your own custom billboards to position around it. You can also share your custom tracks wireless or online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

As well as a long lasting single player mode, GRID also includes wireless and WFC online play and the chance to compete for places on the World Leader boards of every event in the game!

Race Driver: GRID, at least on paper, is a stupidly optimistic piece of work. Luckily for us these virtual cars have no use for paper. And in terms of translating ambitious game ideas to handheld silicon, this simply has no master. 9/10

Pocket Gamer

With tons of variety, great multiplayer, and hours of replay value, Grid is a handheld port worthy of any racing fan's time. 85%


Race Driver: GRID is the best 'serious' racing game on the DS. It takes the so-called limitations of the handheld and proves they stretch further than many think possible. 89%

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